Finding the Right Psychic School for you

If you are having psychic experiences and want a deeper understanding, and greater control over your abilities, then this is a good place to start understanding the kind of training you need to go through to achieve your goals. You don't have to struggle with your psychic experiences or be in pain and confusion anymore. There are a bunch of schools out there designed to help you actually manage your abilities in a way that validates you.

Over the last 8 years I have worked with hundreds of clairvoyants one-on-one and have had many experiences with different psychic schools, their teachers, directors, and programs. This article is essentially a peek into the psychic institute world, and addresses the concerns, realities, and experiences involved with these schools.

The idea that training at a psychic school is just about your psychic abilities is a bit narrow minded, however. By opening this doorway you are opening yourself to a whole new world of opportunities: spiritually, financially, and socially. It is so incredibly positive.

The first psychic institute was founded in the early 1970's in Berkeley, California. Eventually, that school swelled and grew to accommodate hundreds of students in each yearly class. At some point, the leadership decided to stop paying their teachers and those teachers went on to found their own institutes around the world. There are a variety of psychic schools to choose from nowadays across the USA. The institutes operate off of information cherry picked from a variety of places. It is very powerful information when you know how to use it. The original founder basically took the best material from different groups, combined it with his own insights, refined it with student experiences and teacher research, and eventually compiled it all into a psychic framework that actually works.

There are new schools doing new things these days too. Because these schools tend to operate in the background they tend to go unnoticed. So unless you are lucky and stumble upon the right one for you then chances are you will never really know about all the different options available to you. Choosing the right school is very important.

There are institutes with online programs, some greater than others. Some people prefer to do one-on-one training and that has its own unique place as well. Finding the right teacher can be a difficult task unless you know a lot of capable psychics. If you are really interested in psychic training you can probably expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 a month, depending on the school. Most schools offer one and two year programs. If you are over 35 years old usually they will require you to commit to two years, because you will have more baggage to work through.

These schools have a grounded karma free space for you to explore your abilities in. This is a tremendously wonderful thing, but new students won't usually realize it till they are dealing with something very difficult later on in their training. Exploring some of the psychic tools on your own is a very dangerous thing to do. The tools they teach are tremendously powerful. It is beyond anything I can write in a public forum. You need a sanctuary space to explore them safely, and that is part of what the institutes provide.

The psychic schools are all about the sixth chakra, but often times you actually have to entirely re-build your fourth chakra in order to let go of your deeper core issues and pictures. Most of your core pictures you need to release will have mis-beliefs behind them. The sub-conscious will accept anything you put in there. It really has no discrimination. The amount of clearing work most people have to do is pretty insane. A year or two at an institute and three or four more years with a smaller group of close colleagues is the bare minimum before you really begin to learn who you actually are as a spirit.

One of my teachers told me, "the original psychic institute was not designed to evolve or change." From what I have seen, I believe her; many institutes are facing decline, just getting by, and operating on shoe-string budgets. That seems to be the norm.

Many institutes operate like they are still in the 1970's. I am surprised that Debra Katz's books are not given freely to clairvoyant students and that the old attitudes about writing, and authors, still persist. I think that she is a trailblazer and had tremendous courage to do what she did. But most institutes just pretend she does not exist. It is unfortunate. She says in her book, You are Psychic, that the level of competition between psychics is far greater than in any other field she has observed. It's just part of life, however, and doesn't have to be a big deal unless you make it into one. You are free to associate and make friends with people who validate you and say goodbye to the rest.

Don't think you can do all this without the institutes though; you will be fooling yourself. Despite their shortcomings, they are the only places on the planet actually giving people the ability to get their spiritual, and psychic, freedom.

You have to get out of your analytical space (in the frontal sinus) and get into the center of your head so that you can have an experience. Being psychic is not something you will figure out from analysis. It is an experience you build upon and learn from organically; your answers will arrive from yourself in time as you integrate your analyzer, nervous system, sixth chakra, third chakra, and seventh chakras. I can understand why the psychic schools do not encourage an awareness of books. There was a decision to have people learn based on programming instead.

The wonderful thing about the psychic schools is that they all teach you how to get neutral to your emotional baggage. If you can't get neutral to something it essentially controls you. These schools give you a structure to work with that actually works to validate your psychic abilities. You have to apply your own creative use of the tools yourself.

So, this also means you have to de-program the control energy that these schools put into your space so that you maintain your creative identity and push the boundaries of what they taught you into new contexts. Basically, you can't get stuck with what they give you or you will go into hard-core apathy, which I have seen in a number of long term teachers. That requires some planning, thinking, and meditation. It isn't really that big of a deal because guess what? They teach you how to de-program control energy. These schools are essentially the only places that teach this level of spiritual freedom without all the mind control games and other nonsense baggage. You get the pure, unadulterated, information.

The programming at the psychic institutes is designed to help you create a space where you can have your psychic and energetic freedom by running your own energy in your body. It is designed to give you a platform from which you can get your own answers, rather than control your mind or tell you what to think.

Chances are, the problem is that you are where you are at because you're still playing around in the fourth chakra or way out of your body. Most likely, you are reading this because you are having psychic experiences that you don't know what to do with, how to manage, deal with, or build upon in a practical fashion. That is because you don't know how to run your own control energy around your psychic abilities yet.

You need to have programming around your psychic abilities that can validate you in a repeatable, realistic, and reliable fashion. Otherwise, you are likely to be an out of control transmedium channeling anything coming your way. It is the difference between getting a lucky hole-in-one versus training to become a golf pro. Those are two very different things. Ownership and seniority over your space are a big part of what the instiutes teach.

Are you are feeling everyone else's emotions, healing them, feeling drained and wondering why you can't get out of that pattern? The psychic schools teach you how to stop doing this.

I have seen this with a lot of people; they struggle to get out of their fourth (heart) chakras, or into their body, enough to do something about their situation. And if you are in total resistance to the control energy in your own space (most likely from your family) then how are you going to bust it without bringing it to your conscious awareness? And if you have no clue how to run your own control energy in a way that validates your psychic abilities, then wouldn't being around people who can do that, for say, a year or two, actually help you?

I have also seen plenty of people who had all the psychic tools in the world and they blew their own lives up because they didn't have any level of programming or control energy in their space. They essentially could not hold onto the information on a body level. The programming will save your ass many, many, times. Without it, most people just flounder in their old habits at best and destroy their lives at worst. If you want to get better at something you need to practice it over and over and that does create a certain level of programming.

There is a difference between institutional programming and the programming on your psychic tools. Because, at some point, if you don't own those tools for yourself (with your own energy) then you won't be able to even be at a psychic school. You will drop out, your beings will take over and convince you of any reason to leave, you will fall into all your victim pictures, or your family energy will block you. I have seen all kinds of ways people drop out. Anyone who can't own their third chakra (power center) finds a reason to leave.

The psychic institutes are plagued by funny dichotomies. On the one hand, they market themselves as being a "kindergarten space," while secretly being all business. In one sense this is great. They don't mess around. You're not there to play games, or waste time, but to work lifetimes of energy. On the other hand, they take themselves so seriously that they have become very myopic and actually miss the bigger picture of what it might be like to operate on a truly global level or create anything new. As a newcomer, that is actually good for you, however, because it means their focus is entirely on your program. As a graduate, that is a different matter.

The cool thing about the institutes is that they teach you to see the opportunity in every problem.

Learning more about the training before you decide

Each institute has a different vibration and level of permission for you to own your tools and work your energy. Some schools are bad and some are great. Some are mediocre. You have to do your research. What I think is a mediocre school might actually be really what you are looking for in order to work a certain set of pictures or past life energies. Furthermore, every group agreement between students is different and that is not something you can determine ahead of time, because it will change year to year.

If you are a new student then you won't have your space anywhere near the level of the teachers at any decent school, so anything will be a step up for you. Take what you need and move on. One of my colleagues explained it well to me one time. He said, "you don't hang around high school or college after you're done, you get what you need and then move on with your life." At the same time, you wouldn't expect a basic architecture, English, or science class to teach you all the infinitely creative ways to do post-graduate level work; you're there to learn the basics.

All that said, the clairvoyant program was the experience of a lifetime. I would do it in a heart-beat even knowing all of this. There is really nowhere else on the planet where you can get this kind of experience or information. You just have to know what you are getting into and have reasonable expectations about the group agreement you are entering and realize that, most likely, you are not going to change 50 years of history.

I know many graduates who went to a variety of these schools. Most of us have gone on to do our own things. As I said above, I have spent over 8 years working with hundreds of clairvoyants one-on-one and have plenty of experience with different schools, their teachers, and directors. So if you are serious about starting your training, but don't quite know which school to attend, what books to get, or how to get started, then get a reading on it with me. Choosing the right psychic school can make or break your future. You can research schools yourself, but only a graduate who is part of the psychic community can tell you what really goes on behind the scenes.

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